How To Solve “Response To Preflight Request Doesn’t Pass” In Php & Express js

You must have come across a preflight request failure when you request to server from a different origin. When you deploy your react, angular any other single-page app, this preflight request failure error mostly happens, especially when you are a beginner & just getting started. when you test your APIs from the postman or any other tools API works totally fine but when you use the browser it fails.

Why Preflight Request Fails In Browser

response to preflight request fails because the browser first sends a preflight request which is an options type, to check if a server allows requests from the origin. when the server rejects this preflight request, the browser doesn’t send other requests, so you see this error of preflight request failure. to solve this error we must allow this option request from the server.

How To Solve This CORS ERROR

To solve this error we have to send proper headers before any output, so that browser can send other requests like get, post, put, delete, etc later.

How To Enable Cors In Express Js

How To Enable Cors In PHP

In Php, you have to send first this response as above before sending any headers.

Why We Should Not Allow All Origin

we should only allow origin we know, enabling all origin puts your server at risk. because anyone can access your APIs. to solve this issue we should use an authorization token or any other safety mechanism that can prevent intruders from accessing the resources.


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