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  • How To Solve “Response To Preflight Request Doesn’t Pass” In Php & Express js

    You must have come across a preflight request failure when you request to server from a different origin. When you deploy your react, angular any other single-page app, this preflight request failure error mostly happens, especially when you are a beginner & just getting started. when you test your APIs from the postman or any […]

  • How to Create Rounded-Circular Image Using CSS | Using Border-Radius To Create Rounded Image

    Hellow Coders To create a perfect circular image we can use the border-radius property. if an image is square, i mean height & width is the same we can add style as “border-radius:50%”, which will create a perfect rounded image. if an image is not square you can change border-radius accordingly to achieve a perfect […]

  • What Is the Difference Between Debouncing & Throttling

    Hellow Coders When I came to know about throttling and debouncing, I would often get confused between them. In this article, I will explain the differences between debouncing & throttling. If you don’t know what is debouncing or throttling, I would recommend you to read my article on debouncing & throttling before proceeding further. Let’s […]

  • What Exactly Throttling Is, How It Works, Why You Need Throttling & How To Implement Throttling In Plain Javascript.

    If You are a web developer, you might have come across the term “Throttling”. It is a technique very often used by programmers & very useful to improve some performance. In this article, you will learn What is throttling, how throttling works & how you can implement it in pure javascript & we will see […]

  • What Is Debouncing, Why You Need It & How To Implement It In Javascript

    Debouncing is a term very often used by web developers. if you are a beginner you might get confused by it. In this article, I will explain you what exactly is debouncing, why you need it, when to use debouncing & how to implement it in javascript. so let’s get started What Is Debouncing ? […]

  • 11 Best Websites To Download Free High-Quality Stock Photos In 2022

    we know that one picture is better than thousands of words. human eyes are good at knowing images than words. so it is important to use a right image at the right time so that your user can easily relate. There are many paid stock photos websites like Shutterstock,istockphotos which offer high-quality stock images but […]

  • 11 technical things beginners should know before starting a website in 2022

    just starting a new blog or website or planning to start? when you are creating a blog for the first time, I know how difficult it is to start a blog. I wrote this article keeping in mind a beginner who has zero or little technical knowledge. I can assure you after reading this article […]